Booking means

no more queues

Booking Systems

Did you book?

Customer oriented services are highly demanded in almost every industry and the reason is productivity. This specific characteristic appears to be one of the most efficient things in the modern business world. Productivity can be achieved in various ways, but most effective one is to create ability of producing precise timing.


Life could be much easier if everyone arrived on time, fully prepared and informed. We believe that having clear expectations not only makes you more efficient, but also puts you at ease, ultimately creating a better customer experience.

Avoid long queues by booking

The answer to this problem is to be able to create clean and frictionless customer flow with a balanced workload. With QMATIC Booking you will be capable to call and receive customers and provide services or a treatment based on their needs, identity, customer history or staff skills.


QMATIC Booking informs everyone exactly when, how and what they’re supposed to be doing, before, during and after every visit. 
There are few steps that makes customer journey smooth and clear:

  1. Matching customer needs with employee skills;
  2. Personalizing the journey through customer identification;
  3. Understanding customer journey to drive employee action;
  4. Reducing customer and employee effort;
  5. Increasing customer and employee satisfaction.

Organized customer visits

QMATIC Booking makes possible for customers to book appointments through many different channels. As a benefit the customer flow can be easily controlled and managed. By Balancing the workload over time and influencing customers to move from peak hours to less busy hours, we can reduce the actual waiting time as well as make the use of resources as efficient as possible