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მოითხოვე Qlik

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მოამზადე მონაცემები ბიზნესის სრული ტრანსფორმაციისთვის

Data Visualisation (BI)

How you got this data?

Companies that do not use or have business intelligence (BI) systems are in a bad condition. The reason is that the decentralized database cannot create new opportunities or display any possible ways to overcome difficulties and solve companies’ problems.


Usually, the businesses that operate on the Georgian market do not use these systems and the data that company has collected is almost impossible to be conducted or analyzed. These facts affect business’ productivity, because it is almost impossible to see the full picture when you do not have any leverage to put the data into one organized space.

All data in one platform

Qlik is a modern business intelligence (BI) platform that can create unlimited opportunities for your business analyzing the data. This platform is designed to combine the data that's spread across multiple sources.


With help Qlik you will be able to immediately understand data through unique architectural structure and advanced AI. This platform increases the company's income by reducing the costs and risks based on analyzed information. Qlik can help you to merge and observe the following data sources:


  • ERP (1C, FMG, APEX);
  • CRM;
  • Data Warehouse;
  • Oracle;
  • SAP;
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV;
  • Oris;
  • DarieX;
  • Excel;
  • Big Data providers;

Big data for big success

With the help of Qlik, you will merge all business analytics in one platform and achieve success with the data you haven’t seen before. Qlik can be used in following departments: finance, supply networks, sales, marketing, IT team, operations and human resources, because these are the core fields that make decisions based on analyzed statistical information.


Companies operating in a field such as the production, healthcare, communications, financial sector (bank), public service, energy, retail, etc. have to use the business intelligence (BI) platforms.