Acces Control

No entry without permission

It's crucial to keep up with the rapidly accelerating requirements facing access control systems and ensuring faultless operation even under unfavorable conditions. These systems are used in various applications and environments such as construction sites, warehouses, offices, prisons and more. But the problems is that most of the platforms can be defeated using a variety of commonly known methods. These solutions are not able to reliably protect businesses from the financial loss. That makes most them useless because provided level of security doesn’t match with government, airport, military and commercial organizations’ needs.

Authorized personnel only

Our access control systems provide number of advanced solutions with different features and configurations that can significantly improve productivity. You will be able to detect forged fingerprints made of silicon, rubber, film, paper, gelatin. Also to easily and flawlessly welcome visitors using predetermined QR codes. These access control systems provide accurate clock-in and clock-out records and are able to reliably operate in indoor or outdoor sites despite snow, rain, dust, mist – or even altogether. Using these platforms will give you ability to effectively operate for a single door access to a large corporate solution with hundreds of access areas.

No more trespassing

Organizations with right access control systems are able to greatly improve security, work efficiency, reduce management expenses and eliminate human errors.
The Business can generate number of benefits based on the values that our control systems provide:

  • Reduced management expenses by computerized automatic system;
  • Improved work atmosphere by preventing manipulation of work hours;
  • Aggregated T&A data monitoring;
  • Improved profitability and increased organizational performance;
  • Eliminated manual processes and boosted employee satisfaction;
  • Enabled seamless integration with secure, cloud-based solutions.