ANPR Solution

Still trying to zoom in?

We are all aware that the analog cameras have very low frame rate and they’re not ideal for areas with a lot of motion where is crucial to see everything in high detail. Images are not as sharp and may appear grainy or mostly blurry. It’s also unable to digitally zoom in. These cameras have less coverage and it takes a lot of them to capture the full area. It also has more cables like a power cable, DVR cable and etc. And last but not least it lacks encryption that means a hacker could potentially access information or replace signal with outside one.

Distinct image in any circumstances

Avigilon high-definition surveillance ANPR system monitors entire sites and recognizes number plate at any given situations regardless of seasonal and weather conditions. Offers a superior image quality, advanced management features and reliability. The Avigilon high-definition surveillance can help your secure assets, safeguard staff and passengers, and protect itself from costly false liability claims. It delivers high quality evidence to ensure the safety of the building and monitor traffic.

Recognize in high quality

With the Avigilon system installed, you can also be assured a reliable, high-performance surveillance solution at all times of the day and night and in all conditions. Because of Avigilon’s superior image resolution and reliable network connectivity, you can effortlessly manage you access control system, saving valuable productivity time and get used to the following amenities:

  • Better clarity with fewer cameras;
  • Recoup costs of property damage;
  • Strengthen relationships with state police forces;
  • Provide indisputable evidence for incidents;
  • High-quality visualization;
  • Attracted and retained customers;
  • Significant return on investment;
  • Reduced installation and labor costs;
  • Greater reliability in all conditions;
  • Lower support and maintenance costs.