low false alarm rate

Perimeter Security

Only physical barrier?

Increasingly frequent intrusions to guarded industrial and strategic facilities using specialized tools are a challenge in the development of security technologies for the future. It is not just about climbing over or sneaking under a barrier, nowadays we have to be ready for premeditated and planned attacks against the security system to disable its function. The fact is that the most of security companies lack of reliable platforms that could protect industrial buildings, public institutions and private residences from uninvited trespassing.

Intruders detected

If security technology elements can be hidden without adversely affecting their reliable functions, the chances of an intruder planning and conducting a deliberate attack against the security system will be significantly reduced. We have 3 different yet compatible perimeter security solutions at our disposal:

  1. Peridect perimeter fence detection system – Hidden;
    Effectively detects vibrations from the fencing caused by physical attempts to overcome it (climbing, cutting, lifting) with a pin point accuracy of up to usually 2.5 – 3 m per fence panel.
  2. Peridect perimeter fence detection system – Antivandal;
    Brings a reliable solution for precise and effective protection of your facilities. Detects vibrations from the fencing and provides higher preventions of larger damage than detecting an intruder inside the protected area.
  3. Peridect perimeter detection system – Underground.
    Protects objects or areas from intrusion by unauthorized persons. Buried detection netting brings an invisible and reliable defense. Provides high detection accuracy and extremely low false alarm rate in any weather, regardless of climate or soil type.

Detect and take actions

With Sieza’s perimeter security you will be able to consistently control and monitor the status of the whole system and derive following benefits from it:


  • Extremely low false alarm rate;
  • Native integration with IP cameras;
  • Detection accuracy;
  • Symmetrical connection of detectors;
  • Integrations with 3rd party systems;
  • Long life cycle;
  • Perimeter length;
  • Buried and fence sensors at one detection line;
  • Rapid detection time;
  • Easy to install/use;
  • High detection efficiency;
  • Minimal space requirement.