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Video Surveillance

Who or what is under surveillance

Concerns for protecting property, people and assets have sharpened focus on converging IT and physical security infrastructures. Best surveillance practices require longer retention periods, camera coverage in more public locations and higher video resolutions to support investigations. The ultimate goal is to have an access to a secure, reliable and high-quality searchable video evidence 24x7x365.

There are some subjects in today’s surveillance systems that could be improved:


  • Passenger/Visitor/Resident safety, protection of critical assets and compliance with industry regulations;
  • Maintaining a safe environment in community transit with such a growing number of riders;
  • Safeguard staff and passengers and protect against costly false liability claims;
  • Broad situational awareness to assist in the maintenance of public order and safety;

New type of video surveillance

With Avigilon high-definition surveillance system’s real time protection you will be able to quickly determine security threats. This is a high performance, reliable, and easy-to-use solution to capture irrefutable evidence for quick and successful investigations. Providing enhanced image quality and video analytics that include loitering detection, cameras are able to automatically detect people who linger in an area past a certain time threshold and alerting security operators.

Undoubted evidence in high quality

Deployed Avigilon surveillance system is able to monitor areas across town reducing misbehavior and boosting community and property safety. This system is a key for maintaining a high security presence and providing high quality video surveillance footage when necessary. 

With Avigilon you’ll have several benefits at your disposal:


  • Provide indisputable evidence for incidents;
  • High-quality image detail;
  • Incidents’ rapid investigations and resolution;
  • Save on staffing costs;
  • Protection against false liability claims;
  • Lowered insurance deductible;
  • Reduced installation and labor costs;
  • Faster response for better overall protection;
  • Full situational awareness;
  • Improved communication.