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X-Ray Scaners

Only 3 Color Imaging?

Protection of the critical infrastructure is crucial to the nation’s security, public health and economic vitality. The critical infrastructure is most commonly associated with: correctional facilities, courthouses, mailrooms, hotel entrances, government facilities, and defense industrial bases. As new threats emerge daily, the efficiency and accuracy of detection such are X-Ray scanners has to be greatly improved. Nowadays, 3 color imaging X-Ray scanners used in majority of facilities aren’t able to identify a precise range of atomic numbers, including organic, low and high inorganic, as well as light, heavy and dense metals. This fact ultimately decreases the effectivity of 3 Color Imaging scanners comparing to Astrophysics’ innovational 6 Color Imaging technology.

Complete image in 6 colors

Astrophysics is dedicated to helping agencies such as border patrol, customs, and police, to detect contraband, explosives, drugs, propellants, devices, weapons, precious metals, fraudulent trade items and other security threats with our container and vehicle screening solutions. Astrophysics 6 Color Imaging is a breakthrough in the x-ray security industry and marks a significant step forward in threat discrimination and material identification. 6 Color Imaging uses atomic number analysis to assign colors based on the object’s density. It gives the operator ability to interpret the x-ray image more quickly and isolate threats with precision, increasing both throughput and detection accuracy.

Clear and outright evidence

With Superior image quality and innovative features Astrophysics provides operators with the advanced tools required for quick and reliable screening. Using 6 Color Imaging scanners with improved object identification and Screener Assist for automatic programmable detection you will have several tools and benefits at your disposal:

  • Tailored screening options;
  • Efficient scanning and easier detection;
  • Quick detection of suspicious packages;
  • Consistent control of the illegal substances;
  • Optimal functionality designed for harshest environments;

Product and solution diversity for multiple occasions and environments